A new Dropkick Murphys single has been released!

Photo du groupe Dropkick Murphys

After the announcement of their new album that will be released on September 30, the band Dropkick Murphys reveals a new single: Ten Times More

After Two 6’s Upside Down, the song Ten Times More is the second single from the next Dropkick Murphys album. Entitled This Machine Still Kills Fascists, its release is scheduled for September 30. This album is special because it is their first record entirely recorded in acoustics. Ken Casey, the singer, and his band are inspired by blues and rockabilly for this new album. In addition, This Machine Still Kills Fascists gets its name from the guitar of Woody Guthrie, an American folk legend. The texts are taken directly from the work of Woody Guthrie as indicated on the cover of the new record.

Pochette du nouvel album des Dropkick Murphys

Tracklist :

  1. Two 6’s Upside Down
  2. Talking Jukebox
  3. Ten Times More
  4. Never Git Drunk No More (feat. Nikki Lane)
  5. All You Fonies
  6. The Last One (feat. Evan Felker of Turnpike Troubadors)
  7. Cadillac, Cadillac
  8. Waters Are A’risin
  9. Where Trouble Is At
  10. Dig A Hole (feat. Woody Guthrie)
  11. Never Git Drunk No More – Alternate Version

Following this new album, Dropkick Murphys has announced a new European tour. You can find all concert dates here

You can already pre-order the new disc on the band’s official website.

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