Daft Punk is back with the reissue of Homework

Photo live des Daft Punk

A year to the day after the announcement of their separation, Daft Punk announces the reissue of their first album to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Daft Punk was back yesterday… well almost! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of their first album Homework, the French duo first tweeted the band’s logo featured on the album’s cover. It was enough to panic the Internet! Many thought of a reformation of the robots, despite the announcement of their separation a year ago. Unfortunately, the band didn’t reform, but the duo wanted to celebrate Homework‘s 25th anniversary by re-releasing this album,  titled Homework (25th Anniversary Edition). This reissue includes the original album, but also a remix disc of several songs. This edition is already available for streaming.

The physical release of this reissue is scheduled for mid-April, with also a vinyl edition of Homework, but also of their live Alive 1997.

A live on Twitch

In addition to this annoucement, the band aired last night on Twitch a live from 1997 shot at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, as part of their Daftendirektour tour. Nearly 200,000 people were present on this live Twitch last night when it launched. Fans got to see Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo mixing without the band’s iconic robot helmets. Indeed, the robots appeared in 1999. This live has no replay, so it won’t be possible for fans to watch this live again for the moment.

Despite the announcement of their separation, the French duo remains active and the fans are still looking forward to their return.

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