Emigrate releases new animated clip

Capture du clip animé "Always on my mind" d'Emigrate

A month after the release of the album The Persistence of MemoryEmigrate unveils a new animated clip for the song Always On My Mind, featuring Till Lindemann.

This Tuesday, December 21st 2021 marks the release of the second track of Emigrate‘s lastest album in the form of an animation imagined by Arnaud Giroux, whose Instagram is available here. This French illustrator and member of the band also created the album cover representing Richard Z. Kruspe, leader of Emigrate and Rammstein‘s guitarist, in a spatial universe.

Photo livret The Persistence of memory
Pochette de l'album The Persistence of Memory
Photo arrière Persistence of Memory

The song Always On My Mind, initially recorded by Gwen McRae in 1972 and sung many times by big names such as Elvis Presley, the Pet Shop Boys, or Willie Nelson, was composed by Johnny ChristopherMark James, and Wayne CarsonEmigrate‘s version is an energetic rock song with a dark gothic vibe thanks to the combination of vocals from Till Lindemann and Richard Z. Kruspe.

A crazy friendship

Capture du clip Always On My Mind représentant Till Lindemann
Capture du clip Always On My Mind représentant Till Lindemann

In this clip, available on YouTube, we see Till and Richard confronting each other in an unusual chess game with a futuristic design with, in the center of the game board, a woman carrying the weight of the Earth on her shoulders. This chess game gradually turns into a massive destruction of the pieces that make up the chessboard and ends with an opposition of the two kings, each represented by a strange creature, who surround the woman in the center. This feminine Atlas rises and grows until it breaks the game board. We then see a moving representation of the friendship that the two men have with a hug that ends with a transition from the goddess woman to a real woman sitting on a couch watching Till and Richard playing chess which looks very real. We imagine then that Atlas is the pillar of a strong friendship between the two colleagues, members of Rammstein.

You can Arnaud Giroux‘s art on his portfolio or follow him on his Instagram.

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A Million Degrees Cover Alternative
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