Rammstein’s new album is available!

Pochette de l'album Zeit de Rammstein

Three years after the release of their last eponymous album, the German band Rammstein is back with its new album Zeit.

A few weeks before starting their new tour, Rammstein unveils Zeit, whose first two singles, the eponymous Zeit and the catchy Zick Zack, are already known to fans. These two singles have already been the subjects of clips, already online. The next single from the album, Angst, is out today and the music video will be online tonight at 5pm CET.

As announced in our previous article, here is the tracklist of the album :

Rammstein – Zeit

  1. Armee der Tristen – 3:25
  2. Zeit – 5:21
  3. Schwarz – 4:18
  4. Giftig – 3:08
  5. Zick Zack – 4:04
  6. OK – 4:03
  7. Meine Tränen – 3:57
  8. Angst – 3:44
  9. Dicke Titten – 3:38
  10. Lügen – 3:49
  11. Adieu – 4:39

Total length of the album : 44 minutes 06

The album is available for streaming on all platforms but also in physics. You can buy Zeit from the band’s official website.

Rammstein will be touring Europe starting May 15, followed by a North American tour starting August 21.

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