Rammstein’s new album tracklist revealed

Pochette de l'album Zeit de Rammstein

German band Rammstein will release their new album, Zeit, on April 29. The tracklist has just been unveiled.

Three years after the release of their last album entitled Rammstein, the German band Rammstein will release their new album Zeit on April 29, whose first eponymous single was unveiled on March 10.

The tracklist of the album has just been unveiled by mistake on the Universal Music Centroamerica website. There are therefore 11 songs, as always with Rammstein, for a total duration of 44 minutes and 06 seconds

Tracklist :

  1. Armee der Tristen – 3:25
  2. Zeit – 5:21
  3. Schwarz – 4:18
  4. Giftig – 3:08
  5. Zick Zack – 4:04
  6. OK – 4:03
  7. Meine Tränen – 3:57
  8. Angst – 3:44
  9. Dicke Titten – 3:38
  10. Lügen – 3:49
  11. Adieu – 4:39

Some texts may be taken from the poetry collections of singer Till Lindemann. Indeed, we find in his second collection of poems, In Stillen Nächten, poems entitled Schwarz and Angst. And, in his latest collection, 100 Gedichte, there is a poem entitled Die Armee der traurigen Menschen, which can be reminiscent of the first song on this album.

Rammstein will be touring Europe starting May 15, followed by a North American tour starting August 21.

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