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At the end of 2021, the french band Cour Supreme offers us a new spicy album of 10 tracks entitled Hot Sauce whose cover was illustrated by Arnaud Giroux.

A spicy album

Bringing together the excellent musicians Jean-Marc Palma on vocals and bass, Judge Fredd on guitar and backing vocals and Gilles Chevalier on drums, Cour Supreme released its album Hot Sauce last month, offering us songs always more rock and heavy. This opus starts with the song Rocky Road with powerful riffs and a very present drums supporting and emphasizing the brilliant voice of Jean-Marc. This song, both very 70′ and modern, is a powerful introduction to the rest of the album and to the rock’n’roll style of the band. The song Big Zulu is a catchy song released in June 2017 but which fits perfectly with the rest of the album. The backing vocals, guitar riffs and drum toms give a very energetic heavy track that will delight fans of old rock.

If the band’s inspirations are ZZ TopAC/DC or Creedence Clearwater Revival, the trio has created their own sound from their influences. With Zideco Nightmare, the raw sounds merge with a radio voice and a very pronounced grain on the guitar that fades to a dark  sound and a soaring voice. The solo present in this song is not highlighted but is an integral part of the style of Cour Supreme. The color of the song Subterranean Rodeo has a very punk-rock feel, always with distinctive and worked riffs but with a fat and reverberated sound. Gilles Chevalier‘s drums offer a big sound with a hammering of the cymbals that gives power to the songs of the album. The fifth song, Get Your Fire, sounds like an anthem that could be sung by fans at the trio’s upcoming shows. Despite this short-lived impression, this 3min08 song offers a return to the hard-rock years and has nothing to  envy to the big names of this style.

If the band Cour Supreme is able to compose energetic, powerful songs while being melodic and rhythmic, the song Fairy Beauty offers a magnificient ballad that tends to be a very beautiful composition both in the melodic writing but also in the writing of the lyrics. This song, despite its ballad aspect, is very effective and illustrates well the performances of each of the band members. In addition, we can find a very recognizable bass line. Down The Road, meanwhile, gets right into the subject with an aggresive guitar and a rough voice with a heavy metal sound that will undoubtedly make fans want to sing, clap hands and jump. The eighth track, Mustang, offers a slower tempo than the previous songs with a fairly pure sound and a guitar sound that sometimes picks up the vocal’s melody in harmony with it.

On the other hand, the penultimate track of the album, I Won’t Be Beggin, introduces a country atmosphere that they have already been able to make us hear in their previous albums. This atmosphere will fade to lead to a very rhythmic drums which offers a catchy and surprising song on its composition with many guitar riffs coupled with silence and vocals. It’s a song that will lift the crowds and make  the fans dance. Finally, the last track, titled Louise, goes back to the fundamentals of very rock’n’roll blues. This song that concludes the album gives a melodic line of bass very well built accompanied  by a still powerful guitar and lively drums. The trio offers us a beautiful last album song that will please everyone.

Intérieur de l'album Hot Sauce

A hot sauce that tastes good

This album Hot Sauce from the Cour Supreme trio is an excellent album combining a sound both heavy and aggresive with worked melodies, danceable and energetic but also any kind of influence like hard-rock, heavy, blues, but also rock’n’roll. The band reveals their personnality and sound by drawing inspiration from all their diverse and varied influences. This opus offers fans a very strong, very rich voice of Jean-Marc Palma; very meaningful bass lines; overpowering riffs of Judge Fredd with present but discreet solos; but also a catchy, energetic and gentle drums by Gilles Chevalier. This full-bodied cocktail is well mixed, each instrument is correctly placed in the mix and the production is excellent. This album will please the fans of the band but not only, it will also satisfy the fans of the 70s and all those who love good rock and beautiful melodies. We hope to see Cour Supreme on stage very soon to support this album Hot Sauce and this French trio. You can find the band on their website, support them on Patreon, and you can order this opus here.

Release Date: December 2021

Songs of the album:

  1. Rocky Road
  2. Big Zulu
  3. Zydeco Nightmare
  4. Subterranean Rodeo
  5. Get Your Fire
  6. Fairy Beauty
  7. Down The Road
  8. Mustang
  9. I Won’t Be Beggin
  10. Louise
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