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Pochette de l'album "Multitude" de Stromae

Nine years after the release of Racine Carrée, Stromae is back with its new album Multitude!

Multiple inspirations

For this new album, Stromae drew on his different inspirations: African music, electro, rap, or South American music. That’s why the Belgian singer decided to name this album Multitude.

This album starts very strong with Invaincu, unveiled during the previews of his next tour last week. Stromae talks about his “putain de maladie/fucking disease” that kept him away from the stage and from music for several years. Then, he follows up directly with Santé, a single released on October 15, 2021, in which he pays tribute to workers who don’t often have the opportunity to party.

Photo live de Stromae
© Lydie Bonhomme

In La SolassitudeStromae talks about a man cheating on his wife regularly despite the fact that he’s in a relationship. This song, darker than the previous one, evokes the different facets of a relationship, especially through the lyrics of the chorus “Le célibat me fait souffrir de solitude, la vie de couple me fait souffrir de lassitude / Celibacy makes me suffer from loneliness, life as a couple makes me suffer from weariness”.

Stromae then evokes the subject of prostitution with Fils De Joie. In this song, containing harpsichord rhythms, the singer tells the story of a prostitute through the vision of several people: the prostitute’s son, a client, a police officer, and her pimp.

Then, it’s the turn of L’Enfer, the second single of the album unveiled on January 9. In this song, Stromae looks back on the moments he has lived in recent years, as well as the dark thoughts he has suffered “J’ai parfois eu des pensées suicidaires […] Ces pensées qui me font vivre un enfer./ I sometimes had suicidal thoughts […] Those thoughts that make me live a hell”.

The singer then talks about his son in his song C’est que du bonheur. This song is about being a parent, and the fact that everything changes in your life as a result of that birth. Stromae speaks directly to his son in this song, evoking the different aspects of his future life.

The next song, Pas vraiment, once again evokes the theme of love. In the first verse, the singer talks about a materialistic couple just wanting to make people on the networks jealous by sharing their photos. Then, in the following verse, he places himself from an outside point of view, and describes a couple who don’t really love each other.

Stromae talks about ambition in the next song, Riez. He talks about a man dreaming of being an artist, another man looking for a good salary, and a big house. Then, in the third verse, he describes a man just trying to live simply, and finally, in the last verse, he evokes an undocumented man just trying to feed himself, finding a place to sleep, and just trying to get papers.

Stromae in concert
© Lydie Bonhomme

The next song, Mon Amour, is lighter and evokes a man cheating on his wife. But this man reminds his wife in the choruses “Mon amour, tu sais qu’il n’y a que toi et que je t’aimerai pour toujours / My love, you know that there’s only you and that I will love you forever”. Then, this man gets left at the end of the song and asks “pourquoi la vie est si injuste ? / Why is life so unfair?”.

In DéclarationStromae talks about feminism. He says that although feminism is trendy, there are still things that don’t change, such as contraception, wages, etc. “Et si être féministe est devenu à la mode C’est toujours mieux vu d’être un salaud qu’une salope / And if being a feminist has become trendy, it’s always better to be a bastard than a slut”.

Finally, to end the album, the singer tells us his days in Mauvaise Journée, then in Bonne Journée. In these opposing songs, Stromae first tells the story of a bad day, the fact that he doesn’t want to go out of his home, that he’s not in great shape, etc.. Then, in Bonne Journée, he tells the exact opposite. The singer manages to contradict the expressions of the previous song, by opposing them, and by telling his good day: his joy of life, the good weather, his great physical shape, etc. These two songs were co-written with Luc Van Haver, brother of the singer, as well as with French rapper OrelsanLuc Van Haver also co-wrote Mon Amour with his brother.

The singer, known for his dark lyrics, concludes the album on a positive note.

Several "previews"

The singer had organized three previews for his upcoming tour Multitude Tour, in which he unveiled several songs of this new album. These concerts, held at Palais 12, in Brussels, at the Accor Arena in Paris, as well as at AFAS Live in Amsterdam, allowed fans to hear the new tracks of the album live. They were also able to see what Stromae‘s next tour will look like, which will include several festivals this summer. This tour will also take place in North America, notably at the Coachella festival, and will then have several concerts in Montreal and New York.


Label: Mosaert

Release date: 03/04/2022


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