Review: Zebrahead – III

Pochette de l'album III de Zebrahead

This Friday, November 26th marks the release of the new EP of the american band Zebrahead just two years after their last album Brain Invaders.

A new voice

After the departure of singer and musician Matty Lewis last April, the band was able to recruit a voice very quickly to secure the future of the band. Assuming We Survive‘s singer and guitarist Adrian Estrella joined the ranks. This choice was judicious since this digest of 5 songs announces an energetic and colorful era. The title III of the EP represents the third chapter and the third reincarnation of the band as they already changed co-singers twice in their 26 years of existence.

A preserved sound identity

The piano opening of Lay Me To Rest, released last July, lets us hear the duality between the sweetness of Adrian‘s poignant voice and the harder passages with the voice of Ali Tabatabaee who comes to rap on guitars in perfect harmony. This introduction shows the balance found between the two singers. This is a perfect song for new fans who are new to the Zebrahead style, and old ones who will find their energy in this song. If the two singers find their place in this EP, guitarist Dan Palmer offers us riffs and solos that immerse us in metal melodies as for the song Homesick For Hope which is a short song with heavy rythms; but also in Russian Roulette Is For Lover? where we find more Californian rock sounds. Despite the dark lyrics of the song A Long Way Down, the band was able to offer us a very pop rock song that promises lively shows unlike Out Of Time which is deliberately dark in its composition with Ed Udhus‘s drums placed far away in the mix to give a chilling and mysterious reverb in a song where we find an extremely powerful chorus.

A balanced transition

Even in the choice to part with a singer is always difficult, the band was able to transcribe their identity and their original aesthetic with the opposition between the sung and the rapped parts. Through this EP, we understand perfectly the choice of the band Sum 41 to have chosen them as their support on their 2020 tour because we find all these metal sounds in the guitars and the powerful drum rythms, which complement the voices of the co-singers, which make the particularity of the Canadian band. Zebrahead‘s style, recognizable, is still there and could be compare to Linkin Park‘s one on some songs but we find new influence through the song Russian Roulette Is For Lover? like Ben Osmundson‘s bass or ska beats that fit in perfectly with Ali‘s rap.

It’s a very interesting EP for Adrian Estrella to come and it’s a winning comeback that promises a bright future for the band. But, despite a remarkable EP with songs that will surely raise the crowds, the listener will only enjoy these 5 tracks for only 16 minutes. An album with this same quality would not be refused!

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Label: MFZB Records
Release date: 26/11/2021
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