The trailer of the biopic on Elvis Presley is available

Photo du film sur Elvis Presley

Scheduled for a release on June 24 (US), the trailer of “Elvis“, finally available, gives us an overview of this new biopic on the King: Elvis Presley.

The synopsis

The feature film “Elvis” is a movie telling the story of the rock’n’roll star but not only. Director Baz Luhrmann focuses on the complex relationship between Elvis and his manager Colonel Parker, who notably launched his career in the mid-1950s. The story will explore about twenty years of ascent that includes its beginnings to its climax. In addition, the story is also centered on one of the most important person for Elvis: Priscilla Presley, who was a great inspiration and influence for the singer. 

The interpretation

It is the young American actor Austin Butler who has the great task of interpreting the role of Elvis Presley

Comparaison entre Elvis Presley et Austin Butler
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This young actor is accompanied by the famous Tom Hanks to play the role of manager, Colonel Parker. On the side of the King’s wife, Olivia DeJonge slips into the skin of Priscilla Presley. Finally, throughout the film we will discover the appearances of Kelvin Harrison Jr for the role of B.B. King and Alton Mason for the interpretation of Little Richard.

Elvis” will be released in North America on June 24, 2022 and in the rest of the world on June 22, 2022. You can find all the information about this movie on the official website of IMDb.

Affiche du biopic consacré à Elvis

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