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Created by fans, for fans, the video on-demand platform The Pit, which brings together an anthology of metal content, was launched at the end of 2021 allowing music fans to enjoy a varied catalog.

A platform dedicated to metal fans

We had the opportunity to discuss with Victor Zambon, communication manager for The Pit Edition about the platform and its content.

Rock’n’News – In a few words, can you describe to our readers your video on demand platform?

The Pit – Hello everyone at Rock’n’News and thank you for your interest in THE PIT! The idea of setting up a platform to bring together documentaries, making-of, live music around Metal has been around for quite some time now. Jean Vilgrain, the founder, has really started working on it since the first lockdown,  so a little less than 2 years ago. As a drummer, former member of several Metal bands and former editorial director of the show Une Dose 2 Metal, he always had in mind to develop a project around Metal culture after the show ended. The idea was in particular to do something more in “the spirit of the times” and that it fits a little more with new uses (streaming, digital, etc.). Jean surrounded himself with other Metal fans for the realization of this project. Raphaël Hudry, editorial manager of the platform and in charge of acquisitions, who’s also presenter of the Metal show La Fosse on Rock&Folk Radio. And Victor Zambon, guitarist and singer of the band Bloody Alchemy, in charge of the digital marketing part of the platform. All the technical management of the platform (backend) is managed by our partners VOD Factory who also publish several thematic SVOD platforms (ShadowzQueerScreenBrutX, etc.). Today, we have a catalog of nearly 100 contents (documentaries, making-of, films, live shows) for about 150-160h of video. Our goal is to exceed 200 hours by next fall in September 2022.

R’n’N – Have you felt a very strong demand for such a musical platform through metal and rock fans? We see more and more musical documentaries blooming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, has your project been to bring music culture together in one place with an attractive price?

The Pit – Due to Covid, and its impact on culture in general and on Metal concerts, it was felt that this was the perfect time to launch a platform to alleviate people’s frustrations and develop new uses, in particular through the cosumption of making-of and documentaries. After all, France is the country of documentaries and the public seems to have more and more appetite for this kind of content to see the productions of the giants of SVOD.

R’n’N – You already offer your subscribers a lot of content such as documentaries, films, concerts and making-of, do you want to continue in this direction with perhaps interviews and your own original creations?

The Pit – Even if most of our catalog today comes from the acquisition of exploitation rights from rights holders (majors, labels, production companies, etc.),  original productions (documentaries signed THE PIT) arrive during the year. But we have many other ideas to develop, whether it’s podcasts, masterclasses, or even the immersive experience aspect that we believe in a lot.

R’n’N – How often do you update? Can your subscribers suggest content to add or do you manage the choice of content according to your budget?

The Pit – We publish two new content per week since the launch of the platform on October 14, 2021 and we are absolutely in favor of all content suggestions! You can contact us on social networks to propose them or by email at contact@the-pit.comObviously, we can’t buy everything that’s on the table, and we have to make some trade-offs, but we are very interested in your suggestions.

R’n’N – You are currently focusing on the metal style and punchy rock, could possible styles like pop, rap one day appear on your platform?

The Pit – The idea of THE PIT is really to offer a platform related to the Rock culture and especially Metal, because it is treated marginally in mainstream media. Pop and rap already have their stands on traditional media. Alternative music in general may be of interest to us afterwards, but we are primarily looking to create a platform that speaks to the Metal community.

R’n’N – In addition, you are associated with Rock&Folk Radio in the podcast show La Fosse. How did this project go? Is it planned to remain only in podcast or do you want to film these interviews for your platform?

The Pit – We are now working since September in coproduction with Rock&Folk on this show which allows to highlight the French Metal scene. Raphaël was a columnist for Rock&Folk Radio, for a few months, so the connections were easy enough to develop a Metal show. For the moment, the audio podcast format is fine with us, but filmed shows are indeed part of our future plans.

R’n’N – To conclude, what are your main objectives for this new year?

The Pit – Our main objective this year is first to convince the Metal community, both in terms of our depth of catalog but also our sincerity. Above all, we are Metal enthusiasts who speak to other Metal enthusiasts. Uses are changing, and even more so with the pandemic: we’ve seen a real boom in thematic SVOD platforms over the past two years and we are convinced that uses are trending to make possible new ways of living our passion for music. But to achieve all this, the fans must be there!

R’n’N – We wish you the best in this adventure!

The Pit – Thank you very much for your questions, and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you can create a free account on the platform and enjoy a dozen free content. And to explore the entire catalog, you also benefit from a 7-day trial!

We thank Victor Zambon and the whole The Pit team for answering our questions! You can follow all their social networks and take a look at the official website.

A varied program

Two non-binding subscriptions are available to you to enjoy the entire catalog: a monthly subscription at €6 per month or an annual subscription at €66.6 or €5.55 per month only! If you’re not yet ready to take out a subscription, be aware that several contents are available for free.

The content of The Pit

You can find:

  • documentaries on, in particular, bands such as Black Sabbath, Aerosmith or Twisted Sister;
  • films like Sid & Nancy;
  • live performances with KISS, Avatar, Rage Against The Machine, or Slipknot;
  • making-of albums such as The Number of the Beast or Paranoid;

In addition, the platform has playlists and storage by style. You can also add the content to see or review in a dedicated list on your profile.

This platform is not yet available for English speakers, but The Pit team is currently working on it. Check regularly the official website for more information.

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